Suzanne and Brooks : a perfect supermoon picnic wedding


This is a post over a year in the making. I’ve been busy — cut me some slack. So what have I been up to for the last year or so? Cooking, mostly (no surprise there). One of my biggest creative achievements of late was collaborating with one of my favorite couples, Suzanne and Brooks, on their backyard picnic wedding.


Oh, and did I mention I was also in the bridal party? We spent months planning, brainstorming, shopping, and gardening for this wedding. I was personally vested in it for sure. So there was extra pressure on me to really deliver an appropriately fantastic menu for these two fantastic people.

Suzanne is a gardener, wildcrafter, and beekeeper — and the wedding was held in the amazing grounds surrounding their home. We took inspiration from the garden itself for the menu, using as much as we could from the yard, and filling out the rest with the amazing bounty available from our Seattle summers.

Because I would be fairly occupied during the day of the event, we needed a menu that would not require me to be too hands-on, so I recycled the idea we used for our own wedding: sandwiches! I mean, who doesn’t like sandwiches — especially with an array of tasty fillings, spreads and sides to choose from.  All the spreads were made with herbs from the yard. I corned an entire brisket (40 lbs!) with pink peppercorns from my grandmother’s ranch in California. I even crafted a special punch for the occasion with honey and golden raspberries from the yard. Thankfully, I had plenty of help before and during the wedding (thanks John, Kelly and Jordan)! And I got a break on the desserts, thankfully — Suzanne’s mom was up from Chile and made tons of pies and a gorgeous tiered carrot cake.

Suzanne and Brooks

August 10, 2014


Vietnamese baguettes + GF baguettes

to be filled with:
Roasted Vegetables — eggplant, zucchini, peppers, portabella mushrooms
Smoked turkey breast
Corned beef brisket
Curried chicken salad


Spreads & stuff:

Pickles by Gabe (asparagus, melon, cauliflower, carrots)
Sage Pesto
Coarse mustard with rosemary, thyme & savory
Mint Chutney


Lebanese potato salad with cilantro, mint and chiles
Antipasto pasta salad (vegan- basil, hot & sweet peppers, pine nuts, marinated mushrooms)
Green Salad with rustic garlic croutons and Honey mustard dressing
Quinoa salad with kale, carrots, crunchy garbanzos, tahini dressing
Varied Summer fruits

Supermoon Sparkler: honey, ginger, golden raspberries, prosecco, limoncello

It was one of my favorite days ever, and I was beyond honored to be such a huge part of Suz & Brooks’s big event. I think I lived up to my own expectations : more than one person told me it was “the best wedding food they’ve ever had”. And that is the kind of compliment I could live on.

Photos courtesy of the uber-talented Caroline Walker Evans.

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