Scent obsessed: Orla Kiely limited editions for Method

18oz_dish_tomvineIt’s not often that I stray from my beloved Mrs Meyer’s Lavender Dish Soap. But when I spotted the unmistakable boldly patterned bottle at my local Target, I knew I’d be taking a pump-bottle of the Method Orla Kiely limited edition dish soap.

Once I got it home, I was even happier, because the scent I purchased — tomato vine — was one that transported me to a much happier place. Where it’s warm, sunny, and the days are long — tomatoes ripening slowly on the vine, bees abuzz. This aroma, though a limited edition for spring, has summer written all over it. The olfactory effect on my housework has been much appreciated, as I almost look forward to washing dishes on these gray late winter (almost spring) days. It’s like a promise of what’s to come.

At $4.95 a bottle, I better get a few (that limited edition thing) since those warm summer days are still a while away from us here in the Pacific Northwest.

–The Baroness

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  1. You know, I love the packaging but didn’t click with the scents (though I do love Method products either way!)

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