Recipe round-up: soups and salads

I’ve been swimming, Scrooge McDuck style, through the Shelterrific archives lately — with a big net to snatch up all of the wonderful recipes I’ve amassed over the years. The first category of deliciousness I’m about to throw down: Soup.

This hot and sour wonton soup is guaranteed to cure what ails you. And ready in less than 10 minutes. BOOM.

If a spicy-sweet, smooth, silky soup is what floats your boat, look no further than my roasted pumpkin curry soup, inspired by the flavors of Thai Kao Soi.

Salad: highly underrated, in my humble opinion. Vegetables can really shine when you treat them kind. So toss some salad today!

Even in the dead of Winter, you can put a flavorful and colorful plate together. This salad of beets, goat cheese, and radicchio is one aphrodisiac option. If something more hearty (yet vegan) is desired, perhaps this kale, chard, and farro salad could be the perfect make-ahead for lunches. And this shaved brussels sprouts, blood orange and dungeness crab salad wasn’t quite good enough to land me a spot on MasterChef, but it’s been a well received starter on more than occasion in real life.

Of course, it’s much easier to eat salads in the warmer months. This smoked salmon and blueberry salad is the perfect meal for a warm summer evening. And as I write this at the end of February, I can almost feel that 7:30pm sunshine on my face. A watermelon, feta, and mint salad is an oddly refreshing dish that is tailored for potlucks and lakeside picnics on the hottest days. And speaking of picnics, this curried orzo salad was the winner of Shelterrific’s 2008 picnic recipe contest, so you know it’s good.


–The Baroness

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