Re-Energized! By Design, that is.


I’m incredibly honored to be a design coach for Puget Sound Energy‘s Re-Energized By Design challenge. What’s that about?! Re-Energized by Design is a fast-paced home makeover web series, where 6 teams compete to re-decorate their homes with a focus on integrating energy efficiency into their design. Everything is DIY, and the budgets are terribly small; but with some creativity and some elbow grease, it’s totally possible to make some beautiful changes that can lead to big energy savings. Each week, a team is eliminated; and the winners, well they get a full house of new appliances from Frigidaire and $5000!

I’ve been paired with a pretty darn great family, too — the Bedfords. Read a little snippet and watch a video about them here. Guaranteed you’ll be rooting for them the second you meet them, just like I was. And those little fellas, Liam and Theo — I could just eat them up!

The webisodes will be airing soon (beginning March 20), so you won’t have to wait too long to see our renovations in action. But if you wanna keep up with all the deets (and quite possibly a guest post from yours truly), you should go and like the Re-Energized by Design Facebook Page. Very exciting stuff!

— The Baroness

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