My kitchen must-haves


My at home test kitchen approved favorite tools and gadgets; you know, the things I just can’t live without.
-The Messermeister serrated peeler can tackle tough root vegetables and delicate skinned tomatoes with equal aplomb.
-Never over cook your burgers again! Get a Thermapen instant read thermometer.
-I use my pressure cooker all the time. I have this one. It’s expensive, but it heats quickly, and I find I use it almost every day, making it well worth the cost.
Dishwasher-safe cutting boards that are eco-friendly and easy on your knives?Epicurean cutting boards are just that.

Of course, this is just a peek into the kitchen arsenal. I’ll let you know what else I can’t live without, though — my hand-me-down, well seasoned cast iron skillet.

What is the one item in your kitchen you could never give up?

— The Baroness

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