My dreams came true! Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee


A few years ago, The Baron and I traveled to Oahu — and it was one of the most fantastic trips I have ever had. We ate beautifully, sourcing almost all our meals from the island’s abundant farmers markets. We sat on the beach for hours and relaxed. We swam in the perfectly clear aquamarine ocean. But the best part of our trip? Our epic day at Waialua Estate, a small coffee and cacao plantation located on Oahu’s picturesque north shore. I could go in to detail about the plantation, but since I’ve done that before at Shelterrific, I’ll just direct you to my posts about both the chocolate and the coffee production.

The one problem I had once returning to the mainland, was being able to source the coffee locally. I found the chocolate bars at Queen Anne’s fabulous Chocolopolis, which has been a source of more than one hostess gift; but as a hyper-freshly-roasted-coffee-freak Seattleite, I had a hard time enjoying the beans I was ordering from the Islands and having them pull a nice shot of espresso. Plus shipping costs?! And waiting?! Not sustainable for me. So I had gone back to my local roasters to procure my fix. And that was fine.

But in November, I ran across a bag of coffee in the local grocery — Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee, a decaf blend which I grabbed for the no-caf Baron to enjoy. The shots were great for a decaf, and when I looked at Keala’s website to learn more, I was so stoked to see Keala’s — a Seattle-based roaster — providing 100% Oahu coffee grown in Waialua. Woo Hoo! So I emailed the roaster/owner Sean to find out when he roasts so that I could get it as fresh as possible. He roasts in super-small batches 3 times a week so that wasn’t at all a concern. And now, I don’t go without my two double Waialua lattes a day. For those of you in the Emerald City, find Keala’s at Boulevard Grocery in Ravenna; along with coffee by Seven Roasters, Sean’s other coffee company. And for those of you not here in Sea-town, Keala’s offers free shipping on orders over $30. If you pick some up, tell ’em I sent you!


–The Baroness

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