Looking back: the evolution of our house!


It’s easy to forget in the day to day of life how much our space changes over the years. I’m fortunate to have documented the progress we are making on our little 1961 Northwest Ranch. STILL. SO FAR. TO. GO. But, BUT look at what we’ve done already!

The living room, before and after.
What a difference a new IKEA Expedit TV stand makes.
Discussing our drapery dilemmas, an issue not-yet-resolved, as far as I’m concerned.


In the kitchen, it’s encouraging to see how big a difference small little changes can make. Just replacing our sink and faucet transforms the space.
And here’s a look at our kitchen window treatments and our ruby-hued coolerator.

What to look forward to from us in the future? Big things, my friends. Big things. For instance, a major remodel to our upstairs (read: ONLY) bathroom. The brilliant pot-growing previous owners decided that sheet vinyl flooring was a perfectly acceptable choice for a shower surround. Guess what?! It’s not. I’m burning inside with need to fix this room. All we need now is the dough. And the time off to do the work.

— The Baroness

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