I’m crafty… a DIY round-up!



I’m no woodworker by any means, but I have been known to make a few things with my own hands. My Dad would be proud of this post. Must have gleaned something from those hours watching The New Yankee Workshop with him.

Working at a grocery store like I do (especially one known for its abundant inexpensive wine), I like to repurpose wine crates. Here’s a planter I made from one. Proud to say that crate is still holding up, and the lavender pictured is still going strong almost five years later.

Duct tape is another tool I learned to use from my super-handy Dad. I used it to repair some haggard mid-century chairs and I was kinda juiced on how they turned out. But it’s only temporary of course — look for a post about what I actually re-cover them with in the near future!

I re-purposed some old hole-ridden bricks and planted succulents in them. If only I had remembered to water them, they’d still look great!

With the help of Martha Stewart, I made some adorable art for the arrival of a new friend.

More fun with wine crates! This project is a two-story cat bed I assembled for the fuzzy monsters. They still love it!

I hacked a three dollar pot rack into a industrial modern coat rack. You can too!

— The Baroness

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  1. Oh, the Honky!
    I love that wine crate tree, woman.

  2. I love that kitty tower! Such a fun idea to reuse wine crates- they look like they love it too.

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