Housekeeping?! A round up

I’ve never been known as the tidiest person around, but I do enjoy a clean house. Here are some crafty short cuts and shim shams I use to organize, clean, and freshen my space that I’ve accumulated over the years.

One of my most popular posts ever: how to make your own laundry and dishwasher soap. It works pretty darn well, if I do say so myself.

Organizing drawers can be a whole lot easier (and more attractive) if you use my thrift store solution.

Want to make your own inexpensive reed scent diffusers? You know you do. Perfect for Mother’s Day gifts!

Speaking of mothers, my own mother — an expert housekeeper herself — shares her secret for cleaning delicate vintage linens.

I share my favorite way to clear slow drains through song. Really.

And even I know when to call in for backup. I am officially achieving what was predicated in the Jetsons: robots to do my housework. If only they could clean the cat box…

Any tricks or shortcuts you’d care to share? I sure need the help.

— The Baroness

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