HALP! A dining room paint color dilemma

During my tenure as design coach for Re-Energized by Design, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the great paint from Sherwin Williams. Not only was I pleased with the color choices but also the paint itself: low-VOC, great coverage, and — best of all –LOW PRICE. They’ve also got a pretty fantastic online tool with the Color Visualizer, where you can upload images from your own home and use their colors to see how they work within your space.

So I’ve been playing with the aforementioned visualizer to help me choose the wall color for our bare boring white dining room. The room doesn’t get a ton of natural light, but it is the first room you come into as you enter our house and also functions as a flow through for the house since you get to every room in the house via the dining room. It has been the room that has come together the s l o w e s t , considering how long we’ve been in the house and how much we’ve done in the other spaces.

Now if you’re following me on Instagram, you might have seen that I’ve been getting some of the art on the walls that I’ve put off for quite a bit. And now that everything is up on the walls, I can get a feel of what color the space dictates. And as my dear friend Alyson and I agreed last night, the space is dictating blue. With some gray and a little green in it.

Here’s where you come in, friends. What color should it be? I’ve narrowed the top picks down to a few — ok, maybe more than a few, but not too many. Here they are, in no particular order:
Meditative, shade 6227

Meander Blue, shade 6484

Open Seas, shade 6500

Atmospheric, shade 6505

Respite shade 6514

Rapture Blue 6773

Cloudless 6786

Slick Blue 6949

Thanks in advance for your input, lovelies!

–The Baroness

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  1. I am voting for Slick Blue, Rapture Blue, or Meander blue. 🙂


  2. GAH! They’re all so good. I think I would probably lean toward 6227 though for some reason 6773, 6786 or 6949 seem more like “you” to me. Does that make sense??

    • This is what I’m looking for guys! Totally makes sense Alyson, ’cause the three you mention were my first three choices.

  3. I like Meander. In fact, I may steal it for my kitchen!

  4. Meander or Cloudless would be my picks!

  5. I’m voting for the last one: Slick Blue. But I always go for the brightest available option, so maybe it’s not the best opinion. 🙂

  6. Well, you should not be surprised that I like the more turquoisey ones.
    Rapture is my fave.
    But if you want something calmer, I like the first one best.
    Those are my votes.
    Can’t wait to see what you pick.
    And I LOVE that clock!
    Love from,

  7. I’m voting for Meander Blue

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