Greek meatloaf with olives and feta


Finally, a new recipe! Umm, yeah, about that. I’ve been having some food issues of late. Sensitivities, lets call them. To things like gluten and eggs. I KNOW. “Everyone” has them. But it is hard to ignore what my body tells me. It has also been, up until very recently, very hard to be inspired to cook and develop new recipes to adapt to my new dietary restrictions. In short, it was adding more bummed out to the bummed out I was feeling. I was eating, but just to sustain myself, not having fun with it.

But let’s celebrate the NOW — I am playing with my food again! And these recipes will coincidentally be free of gluten and eggs, so if you’re into that sort of thing, than this site is mos def for YOU.

I’ve been craving gyros of late, the kind of delicious, saucy and spicy magic served from the handsome brothers of Mr Gyros. But gyros are kinda sorta off the menu. So I thought about all those flavors I loved and made a tasty savory meatloaf from beef and lamb, with a healthy amount of olives and salty sheepy greek feta cheese. Along side some roasted potatoes and a dill and garlic yogurt sauce, it was pretty darn close to, if not better than, what I was craving in the first place.

Greek Meatloaf with olives and feta
1 lb lean ground beef
2/3 lb ground lamb (or use a lamb sausage)
1/2 c green olives, pitted
1/2 c kalamata olives, pitted
3-5 oz. crumbled feta (I like one made with sheep’s milk for best flavor)
1 red onion, finely minced
1/3 c gluten free rolled oats (or bread crumbs if you’re not GF)
2 tsp dried oregano
2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp cumin
healthy pinch of sea salt
black pepper
(optional: 2 tbs fresh mint or parsley, finely chopped)

Preheat oven to 375F. Using a knife or a food processor, finely chop the olives into a rough tapenade texture (or just use tapenade — save some time). Place in a large mixing bowl with onion, feta, oats, meats and herbs/spices. Mix thoroughly with hands (but be gentle). Invert on to baking dish and form into even loaf shape. Bake at 375F for 30-45 minutes, or until a thermometer inserted reads 160F. Serve with tzatziki (or mix some dill & garlic into plain yogurt) and roasted potatoes. Leftovers are insane “gyro style” on flatbread with onions, lettuce, tomatoes and tahini sauce.

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