Brunch it up, yo! A recipe round-up


Who doesn’t love a good brunch? With friends or family, a pitcher of mimosas and some simple make-ahead dishes, you can host a fab springtime soiree and actually enjoy yourself.

This recipe was originally for new year’s, but these blackeyed greens and eggs are a tasty one-pan choice year-round!

Another eggy favorite, these cheat-a-quiles make good use of those leftover broken tortilla chips at the bottom of the bag.

I revamped my mom’s classic cinnamon roll recipe with delicious results!

If there’s someone who is gluten-sensitive in your life (as there usually is), these wheat free persimmon almond muffins are just the thing.

This maple banana bread pudding can double duty for a brunch or a dessert.

If you’re looking for a portable breakfast treat to take trailside, may I suggest these chocolate pecan flapjacks.

Take a trip to the tropics without leaving your house! This coconut bread pudding could easily be adapted to be vegan by making sure the bread is egg free and by using coconut oil to make the caramel.

— The Baroness

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