About the Baroness…

Megan Barone works a lot. Most days, you can find her behind the counter of her local Nautical/ Hawaiian themed grocery store (let’s call it “Bartering Bob’s”), doling out simple recipes and tasty snacks; or down at Seattle’s Pike Place Market slinging shots of espresso. She’s also taught cooking classes and catered her fair share of weddings and fancy parties all over the west coast. She’s been writing for Shelterrific since 2008, after winning the grand prize in their picnic recipe contest, and has spent three years there contributing recipes, photos, and articles on home design.

Recently, Megan participated as a design coach for Puget Sound Energy’s Re-Energized by Design competition, and has appeared on New Day Northwest and Komo 4 News at 4. Though her educational background is in jazz saxophone — performing with Stevie Wonder being a particularly awesome moment — Megan has always aspired to be “like Martha Stewart, but funky”, so she dropped her horn, picked up a whisk and some paint chips, and has never looked back (ok — maybe a few times).

In the spare time she actually finds for herself, Megan really enjoys devouring TV season marathons, hosting dinner parties, collecting cool art and orange velvet chairs, a perfect latte, thrift store treasure hunting, fixing up and decorating her 1961 storybook ranch, and most importantly, spending time with her husband (The Baron) and two pushy cats.

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  1. I think you’re awesome!!! Your recipes look really good, especially the “pumpkin curry” soup! I’d like to try it and so would Jan!

    Love, Mom

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