Tools of the Trade

It’s the cat’s ass: DIY top loading cat litter boxes!


I don’t know how long we’ve been dealing with cat box drama — essentially, the entire 9 years Mark and I and our respective cats have been co-habitating. Orville, our flame-point siamese, is VERY particular about how clean his box and surrounding area are. So much so that he will “exact revenge” upon us if we don’t keep his terlet ...

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Scent obsessed: Orla Kiely limited editions for Method


It’s not often that I stray from my beloved Method Orla Kiely limited edition dish soap. Once I got it home, I was even happier, because the scent I purchased — tomato vine — was one that transported me to a much happier place. Where it’s warm, sunny, and the days are long — tomatoes ripening slowly on the vine, ...

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Housekeeping?! A round up


I’ve never been known as the tidiest person around, but I do enjoy a clean house. Here are some crafty short cuts and shim shams I use to organize, clean, and freshen my space that I’ve accumulated over the years. One of my most popular posts ever: how to my thrift store solution. Want to her secret for cleaning delicate ...

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My kitchen must-haves


My at home test kitchen approved favorite tools and gadgets; you know, the things I just can’t live without. -The Thermapen instant read thermometer. -I use my pressure cooker all the time. I have Epicurean cutting boards are just that. Of course, this is just a peek into the kitchen arsenal. I’ll let you know what else I can’t live ...

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