Banana pancakes: Gluten Free, Egg free, and amazing


I never used to love fruit in my pancakes. I *may* have, one Saturday morning after a sleepover at a friends’, clandestinely spat out all of my blueberry pancakes into a napkin because they tasted so wrong. That was merely a passing phase. Now, I want lots of goodies mixed up in my hotcakes: blueberries, raspberries, or my favorite of ...

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Greek meatloaf with olives and feta


Finally, a new recipe! Umm, yeah, about that. I’ve been having some food issues of late. Sensitivities, lets call them. To things like gluten and eggs. I KNOW. “Everyone” has them. But it is hard to ignore what my body tells me. It has also been, up until very recently, very hard to be inspired to cook and develop new ...

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Brunch it up, yo! A recipe round-up


Who doesn’t love a good brunch? With friends or family, a pitcher of mimosas and some simple make-ahead dishes, you can host a fab springtime soiree and actually enjoy yourself. This recipe was originally for new year’s, but these cheat-a-quiles make good use of those leftover broken tortilla chips at the bottom of the bag. I revamped my mom’s classic ...

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Recipe round-up: Springtime main courses


Just in time for St Patrick’s day: dungeness crab and asparagus salad features two ingredients that are at their best this time of year. Peas are one of the first bits of green to “spring up”, and nothing lets them shine like a an AMAZING pesto. (Vegetarians and the squeamish should sub the anchovy for capers… though they are essential ...

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Recipe round-up: just desserts, part one


Here’s the first of,let’s say three dessert round-ups of my recipes from the These scones are one of my most favorite recipes. EVER. I’ve even been developing a gluten free version… This cake needs no further description, as the title is a mouthful in itself: this cookie recipe is was a closely guarded family secret. Fancy pastries with no skillz ...

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