Greek meatloaf with olives and feta


Finally, a new recipe! Umm, yeah, about that. I’ve been having some food issues of late. Sensitivities, lets call them. To things like gluten and eggs. I KNOW. “Everyone” has them. But it is hard to ignore what my body tells me. It has also been, up until very recently, very hard to be inspired to cook and develop new ...

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A week in review


Ok, so it has been a light week over here at the Baroness. No posts. Bad blogger! But I’ve been BUSY. If you happen to follow me on facebook, you might have been keeping up with my shenanigans this week. Here’s an update for the rest of you. On Monday, I worked what is the twice-a-year highlight of my job: ...

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I’m living in the Bob Newhart Show (and I like it)


Thanks to Patrick Williams, someone I worked with extensively in my former life as a musician and member of the Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra. Small world, huh?!

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Brunch it up, yo! A recipe round-up


Who doesn’t love a good brunch? With friends or family, a pitcher of mimosas and some simple make-ahead dishes, you can host a fab springtime soiree and actually enjoy yourself. This recipe was originally for new year’s, but these cheat-a-quiles make good use of those leftover broken tortilla chips at the bottom of the bag. I revamped my mom’s classic ...

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Scent obsessed: Orla Kiely limited editions for Method


It’s not often that I stray from my beloved Method Orla Kiely limited edition dish soap. Once I got it home, I was even happier, because the scent I purchased — tomato vine — was one that transported me to a much happier place. Where it’s warm, sunny, and the days are long — tomatoes ripening slowly on the vine, ...

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