Suzanne and Brooks : a perfect supermoon picnic wedding


This is a post over a year in the making. I’ve been busy — cut me some slack. So what have I been up to for the last year or so? Cooking, mostly (no surprise there). One of my biggest creative achievements of late was collaborating with one of my favorite couples, Suzanne and Brooks, on their backyard picnic wedding. ...

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Time, impermanence and self doubt


It’s been about a year since I’ve posted a thing on here. Not that I haven’t had things to write about. Life has taken off in ways: new jobs, new friends, new interests that occupy the passing hours and days and weeks and months. I’ve loved having the opportunity to work with some amazing products (French cookware. Mark finished school ...

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Banana pancakes: Gluten Free, Egg free, and amazing


I never used to love fruit in my pancakes. I *may* have, one Saturday morning after a sleepover at a friends’, clandestinely spat out all of my blueberry pancakes into a napkin because they tasted so wrong. That was merely a passing phase. Now, I want lots of goodies mixed up in my hotcakes: blueberries, raspberries, or my favorite of ...

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Pouf! How to make your own floor pillows*


As part of the West Elm, but at NOWHERE NEAR the cost. Sexy, oui? Here’s what you’ll need: 1 burlap coffee bag (150 lb capacity) 1 yard of muslin or an old white sheet foam, egg-crate style or something with some density. poly-fill thread sewing machine And that’s it! Pretty simple, huh? *Or, conversely, I could make them for you. ...

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It’s the cat’s ass: DIY top loading cat litter boxes!


I don’t know how long we’ve been dealing with cat box drama — essentially, the entire 9 years Mark and I and our respective cats have been co-habitating. Orville, our flame-point siamese, is VERY particular about how clean his box and surrounding area are. So much so that he will “exact revenge” upon us if we don’t keep his terlet ...

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